Model of the week: UGEARS Tram on Rails

2021.03.15 Tram with rails 1

Our loyalty program is happy to announce the continuation of our loyalty program in which we offer extra discounts on selected wooden model kits. We aim to bring you the best mechanical toys which you can assemble together with your family or friends! There are dozens of models to choose from, to suit every taste and preference!

Model of the week: UGEARS Tram on Rails - UGears USA 1

San Francisco trams

The iconic San Francisco tram, typically referred to as a cable car, has been around since 1873. It endured the deadly 1906 earthquake and the plans to update the city transportation system in the middle of the 20th century. However, the cable car was significant not only as a means of getting around. It embodied the very spirit of this vibrant city, adding to its undeniable charm and magic. As an integral part of the city’s history, the San Francisco cable car is now recognized as a National Landmark and can be enjoyed by all visitors to the Bay area.

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Model of the week

Inspired by the history of the SF cable car, Ugears Tram on Rails is a wonderful self-assembly wooden mechanical model to give to your loved ones for any special occasion or even without one! The special discount of 15% is valid from 15 to 21 March. Visit to order it and see the full range of Ugears 3D puzzles!