Independent Ukraine. The life of Ukrainians before and after


Our story

UGEARS is a Ukrainian start-up founded in 2014. It has a growing worldwide reputation. It is famous for producing unique self-propelled DIY wooden mechanical models, puzzle boxes and educational toys.

All these eight years we put our love and all our creativity into these models. These models are unique. Unlike models with simple static displays, each UGEARS model is capable of a self-powered range of motion. We use rubber band motors and fascinating systems of gears, flywheels, weights and gravity. There are no batteries or cords – these machines work by themselves!



Around the world

UGEARS is rapidly gaining a reputation in Europe and around the world. And the reason for its spread is producing some of the most elegant, detailed and delightful mechanical models, puzzle boxes and educational toys to be found anywhere.

Our models have become a fun and educational hobby for people. You can find them in 85 countries on 5 continents. We really care about the support, invaluable feedback and good advice we receive every day. Thank you, our dedicated community of UGEARS modelers.


More than half a year

Ukraine has been on fire for more than half a year. Big russia attacked Ukraine on February 24th. And everything that Russians do is destroy Ukrainian cities, killing Ukrainians, raping them and plundering. It is unbelievable that it happened. All Ukrainians have their own fight for freedom. Some people are on the front line defending our big country. While others are fighting for the economy and maintaining a normal life. We know that our lives will never be the same again. And we hope that the whole world will not be the same either. Everybody and every country pay the cost every day. Somebody pays money, somebody pays big money. But don`t forget that Ukraine pays with its lives. Every day. And we can’t even imagine how many lives we pay. For all Ukrainians, this year just fell out of life. This summer has been the fastest. And for the majority of Ukrainians, today is not August 24, but February 206.

Ukraine Independence Day

Today is the Independent day of Ukraine. Please, support our country this day! Support our brave, strong, and free people!

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