Age of space exploration


Nowadays is full of discoveries

We are lucky that we live in an exciting era of space exploration and rapid technological progress. Already in September 2022, we expect the launch of the ARTEMIS 1 project. Artemis 1 is an unmanned flight of the Orion spacecraft planned by NASA. It will be delivered with the Space Launch System. As part of the Artemis program, it will go into orbit around the moon. The next mission is Artemis 2. It must be the first manned flight of the Orion planned. And in the Artemis 3 mission, we are already expecting astronauts to land on the moon.


The army of researchers

Imagine yourself as the commander of a mission to explore the moon. Imagine commanding not just one rover, but an army of robotic Explorer Hexapods. They scamper across the surface of a new planet in all directions. They test the soil and collect rock samples. Moreover, this army looks for alien life forms. At night hexapods rest. But during the day they come to life again. And they continue their research and scientific work. Maybe even a lander from another civilization from another planet will arrive, see your spider hexapods and mistake them for the dominant life form on the MOON!

UGears Hexapod

“6-Legged Crawler from the Ukraine”

Hexapod Explorer is a unique wooden spider. It is powered by a powerful spring. The Explorer Hexapod is able to navigate rough terrain. It looks like it was a rover that stepped out of a capsule to explore new worlds. Ugears Explorer Hexapod is a unique gift for friends or family members who love nature, insects, robots, modeling and creativity in all its manifestations. Or for everyone who appreciates precise mechanics and attractive design.

UGears Hexapod

Our best friend Ryan published a new article on Medium. It is about Hexapod, as you can understand. It is a breathtaking post with amazing pics. Ryan describes his new project and share his experience. Check this awesome post here:

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