Happy New Year from Ugears

UGears New Year 2023

The perfect New Year’s Eve gift for the family

From toys and treats to gadgets for entertainment, every comfort had been given to her. But despite the abundance of things surrounding her, something was still missing. She dreamed of a perfect New Year’s Eve where dad would return home from his job and they could spend it together as an tight-knit family back in rural Pennsylvania – only this seemed like an impossibility because of his busy schedule. Will he make it on time? The possibility is unknown but there’s always hope that good surprises can come when you least expect them!

UGears New Year 2023


Surprise your guests with a unique decoration

On that fateful night, a hand-crafted mahogany door opened to reveal the long-awaited guest. She felt her heart leap with joy and ran towards him in absolute excitement – enveloping his tall frame tightly. As their embrace lingered on, she could feel warmth radiating from within him and knew this was going to be an unforgettable New Year!

UGears New Year 2023

Mechanical models that will amaze you

Celebrate the upcoming year with UGears – a unique, wooden mechanical models experience. 2023 promises new beginnings and endless possibilities! Let your creativity take you on innovative adventures that are sure to satisfy all of your interests. Embrace change and open yourself up for unexpected surprises—all while pursuing kindness, joy, happy relationships, and more from this coming New Year. Cheers to an exciting time ahead!

Support Ukraine

UGears is a company born in Ukraine. Follow our link to find out how you can help now: https://ugearsmodels.us/support-ukraine/. Make your holidays meaningful – put peace at its heart with this act of love that will bring hope during challenging times.

Also, you can buy warm clothes and medical supplies for the Ukrainian defenders to help them get through this winter. Amazon WishList: https://amzn.to/3kcVgGG