Gifts to make your chilly fall days warmer!

UGears Mechanical Wooden Model 3D Puzzle Kit Trimaran Merihobus

Fall is here with its short gloomy days and chilly long evenings. UGears offers to brighten up your fall days with gifts for yourself and your loved ones with its unique 3-d themed puzzles.

Which UGears gifts are the perfect fit for the season?

Exquisitely detailed, Ugears Mechanical Flower spreads warmth and love. With its delicately carved petals and a tiny figurine of a dancing ballerina hidden inside, this model sets a romantic atmosphere, ideal for a quiet fall evening. Spend time with your sweetheart working on building the Mechanical Flower and then, enjoy intriguing and delicate movements of a ballerina brought to life by a small rubber-band mechanism!

Gifts to make your chilly fall days warmer! - UGears USA 1

Another way to feel warm on a chilly fall day is with the gift of UGears Mechanical Treasure Box. Use it as a creative way to present jewelry to your sweetheart and she will definitely fill your day with warmth and gratitude that’ll last you the entire season! The Mechanical Treasure Box is perfectly sized to take its place on a vanity or an end table as an elegant storage for jewelry or makeup.

Gifts to make your chilly fall days warmer! - UGears USA 2

UGears U-9 Grand Prix Car is an original vehicle model that your male friends and loved ones will appreciate and enjoy. The U-9 Grand Prix is a model of a vintage race car, designed and executed in the best traditions of UGears 3-d mechanical puzzles. This model also features self-motion, provided by an internal self-propelled rubber-band mechanism. The special design of the body of U-9 Grand Prix allows for an excellent view of working shafts and gears, warming up the heart of any race vehicles fans.

Gifts to make your chilly fall days warmer! - UGears USA 3

Pleasant memories of summer

What could be more relaxing than the memories of your summer trips and adventures? Spread the world atlas on your kitchen table and unpack the UGears Trimaran Merihobus 3-d puzzle. This elegant model of a miniature sail yacht will bring up memories and make you dream of future adventures. Explore the map, set up plans and prepare yourselves for new journeys and discoveries with UGears Trimaran Merihobus!

Gifts to make your chilly fall days warmer! - UGears USA 4

All these and other exciting 3-d mechanical models are available for orders from our online catalog already now.