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Christmas Gift for US Army

A unique gift

UGears wooden self-assembly models make great gifts that show someone special that you care about them. Receiving one is a pleasant surprise which will let them pass their evening doing something entertaining for the soul and mind. An assembled plywood puzzle will then stay on their desk as a reminder of your special relationship.

Christmas Gift for US Army UGears models

A hobby to relax the body and the mind

Assembling wooden models is a hobby that many active people dive into. After a hard day’s work, it’s relaxing for the body and stimulating for the mind at the same time. This may be one of the reasons why many men and women serving in the US army have been our returning customers for years. To make things easier for the people on the move, we ship your desired UGears set to the address of your choosing. Use the promo code ‘ARMY10’ to get a 10% discount.

Christmas Gift for US Army UGears Grand Prix

The models you’ll fall in love with

So here are some of our best models. We know they may interest you. Race away with the stylish U-9 Grand Prix Car. Its design is based on the icons of the beginning of the XX century. This was the Golden Age of the automobile industry. Get ready to hit the road! We have a new adventure companion for you. It is the fast and strong Scrambler UGR-10 Motor Bike. Moreover, it has a sidecar from Ugears.

Put your leather jacket on. Then swallow up the delight of total speed. The steep and beautiful Bike from Ugears will help you. Or you can power up the Roadster VM-01. And embark on a never-to-be-forgotten adventure!

Do it yourself! Assemble an elegant Dream Cabriolet. Then imagine traveling with grace behind the wheel.

Christmas Gift for US Army UGears Cabriolet

Pick these models and many more on , the model lovers’ paradise.

This is where your Christmas journey truly begins!