A train is always a journey

UGears V-Express

Welcome to the Industrial Revolution

Today is the first day of autumn. For children and teenagers, this is the beginning of a new school year. This is the path to knowledge. This path will help you to discover something new and amazing. The V-Express steam train is our designers’ walk through the Industrial Revolution. The locomotive occupies an honorable place in history. It is the main symbol of the Industrial Revolution. This is the embodiment of power and beauty. The V-Express with tender is ready to take you on a journey through this exciting period of discovery and innovation.

UGears V-Express 

The most futuristic kit

V-Express steam train has the most detailed futuristic design. This allows you to observe the fascinating movement of parts. Assembling the Ugears V-Express steam train with Tender will make you feel like a pioneer constructor. You will realize for the first time the magic of complex mechanics coming to life in your hands. A train is always a journey. Ugears promises that with the new locomotive model, you will not be bored on the road!

UGears V-Express and Platform

Buy 2 with a discount

And the railway platform will be an ideal addition to a steam locomotive. Because every train needs a proper station. In addition to the clock, lampposts and bench, this model has a secret drawer with a lock and a key that can store real train tickets. And if you buy a set of V-express and Platform, you will have a 12% discount.

Support Ukraine

Autumn has come to Ukraine. It’s harvest time. But in 2022, instead of wheat in the fields of Ukraine, there are missiles flying from Russia, a terrorist power.

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