What to do if a rubber-band mechanism breaks?

UGears Mechanical Wooden Model 3D Puzzle Kit Steam Locomotive

Almost all of UGears models feature complex and sophisticated design along with real mechanical movement.

Small internal mechanisms are used as a moving force that ensures motion of either, a part of or an entire model. In some models, the rubber bands are used to create the rotation movement that supplies the mechanism with necessary force.

But what to do if that mechanism breaks in the process or after the assembly? We share some tips and troubleshooting techniques below.

The rubber band mechanism was damaged in the assembly process.

You are half-way into the assembly of your model and you accidentally broke the rubber-band drive? At this point fixing a problem is easy. If you take a closer look at the mechanism, you’ll find that its drive is nothing more than an ordinary rubber band. Replacing it would solve the problem, however, keep in mind that not just any rubber band will make a perfect fit. Consider the following when choosing a replacement: size, cross-section (square, rectangular or round)and elasticity. Take a damaged rubber band with you if you will be shopping for a new one. Compare the size, parameters, and quality with the original to ensure the perfect fit.

rubber band

The rubber-band drive is broke on the assembled model or damaged as a result of wear and tear.

Here you can choose from two of the following. Keep your model as a stationary display; in this case, you will not have to do anything. If you still want to enjoy a self-motion feature of your model, prepare to do some work. The process is the same as disassembly, but the trick is in a parting of tough connections without breaking them.Some of the models, like a 600-piece Tower Windmill, will have to be taken apart almost completely, while the others, such as the Bike VM-02 will only require a partial disassembly.

Ugears Bike VM-02

How to prevent the damage of the rubber-band drive?

To prevent the damage or a break of rubber-band drives we recommend to follow a few simple rules.

– Follow the assembly instructions thoroughly

– Be careful when installing the rubber-band drive and avoid over-tightening it.

– Don’t overwork your assembled mode and avoid over-tightening while cranking up the rubber-band mechanism.

Check our online catalog for a variety of rubber-band driven models as well as the models without the rubber-band element and place your order now!