Take your journey with a tugboat

Ugears Tugboat

One of marine transport

Everybody dreams to sail the free waves towards the blurred line. It is a very pleasant feeling when you see how the water blends with the sky. And our Tugboat is what you need now! It is a cool type of marine transport. The main idea of this kit is a fully-functioned mechanism. But in addition, the Tugboat has a certain spice that would make it both down-to-earth and interesting.

Ugears Tugboat

A boat rocking on the waves

The Tugboat has a detailed body. And it is designed to expose the beautiful mechanism in motion. This way you will be able to appreciate the main technical features of this model in full. The Tugboat is driven by a rubber-band motor like other Ugears models. The main feature of the models is the asymmetry of the wheel pair. This asymmetry grants the model its unique way of moving, imitating a boat rocking on the waves.

Ugears Tugboat

Summer experience

The summer is coming. And with our kits, you will have all you need to face it! When you start your hot journey with the Tugboat, remember that the port is the gate of the sea. Open this gate. Get ready for your journey! We hope this experience will one of the best in your life.

Ugears models are a great way to spend time with your family and friends. They are made from high-quality plywood and have all you need for assembly inside the box. If you are looking for a perfect gift – choose Ugears! If you need just to organize home gatherings – choose Ugears!

Support Ukraine

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