Sail the High Seas with the UGears Tugboat Model

UGears Tugboat

A Nautical Adventure in Model Form

As you might have noticed, we at UGears love the sea and marine devices inspire our creativity. If you ever wanted to sail the free waves towards the blurred line where the water blends with the sky, you will need this new sweet nautical model to help you prepare for it. The idea behind the UGears Tugboat was to create a functional mechanism, but with a certain spice that would make it both down-to-earth and interesting. And of course – it was supposed to be a type of marine transport.

2023-01-18 UGears Tugboat

The Inner Workings of the Tugboat Model

 We like to think that many of you enjoy watching the working of the gears as much as we do. This is why the detailed body of the Tugboat is designed to expose the beautiful mechanism in motion. This way you will be able to fully appreciate the main technical features implemented in this model. The Tugboat is driven by a rubber-band motor powered by the tension of the rubber connected with a bearing. The reduction gear transfers energy to the drive wheel and further to the asymmetrical wheel pair. The pendulum slows and evens the motion of the tugboat. The asymmetry of the wheel pair grants the model its unique way of moving, imitating a boat rocking on the waves, while the working pendulum creates a specific noise similar to one produced by the real-life diesel motor many boats are equipped with.

UGears Tugboat

A Perfect Gift for the Marine Enthusiast

The UGears Tugboat model is a perfect gift for the marine enthusiast in your life. It’s an engaging and educational experience that will provide hours of entertainment. The intricate mechanics of the model will appeal to both children and adults alike. The Tugboat model is also a great conversation piece and will be a beautiful addition to any room in the house. Plus, with the ability to assemble it without glue or special tools, it’s easy to put together and start enjoying it right away. Give the gift of adventure and excitement with the UGears Tugboat model.


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