MODEL OF THE WEEK AT THE MAXIMUM DISCOUNT: Dive into the Nautical World with the UGears Tugboat

UGears Tugboat

Nautical Inspiration from UGears

For those who are charmed by the vast expanse of the sea, UGears continuously brings marine-inspired mechanical models. We have a particular fondness for marine devices that propel our creative journey. If you’ve ever dreamt of sailing where the horizon merges sea and sky, the UGears Tugboat is designed just for that dream.

UGears Tugboat assembly
Merging Functionality with Aesthetics

Our Tugboat model embodies the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, resulting in a product that’s grounded yet captivating. Moreover, our primary focus was to engineer a marine transport model that’s not just another boat but a work of art.

Appreciating Mechanical Marvel

For those who are as fascinated by the dance of gears as we are, the Tugboat showcases its intricate mechanism for all to see. This transparency ensures that enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the engineering marvels behind the model and appreciate the technical brilliance that UGears has to offer.

UGears Tugboat launch

The Mechanics Behind the Movement

The UGears Tugboat operates on a rubber-band motor, harnessing the tension of the rubber linked with a bearing. This energy is then transferred to the drive wheel through a reduction gear, moving on to the asymmetric wheel pair. The unique combination of the pendulum and asymmetry provides the model with a realistic boat-rocking motion. Furthermore, the pendulum generates a sound reminiscent of the diesel engines that power many real-life boats.

Sailing into Adventure

Embrace the spirit of the sea, ready your sails, and take charge of the harbor. With the UGears Tugboat, every journey becomes an adventure waiting to be explored.

UGears Tugboat hobby

Weekly Specials in 2023

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