How to store UGears 3-d models?


All UGears models sets are made with high-grade quality wood such as pine, linden, oak and birch, materials. We select a certain wood type based on the model’s part specifications requirements. As a result, every assembled model features a rigid and sturdy structure and an absolutely impeccable exterior design.

How to store the wooden puzzles/sets

To preserve the UGears models, ensure their longevity and extend their lives for decades, follow some of the tips below:

  • All of  UGears models, regardless of their design, complexity, and types of wood they are made of require some basic rules for storage:
  • They should be stored in a dry and well-ventilated place. Keeping the sets, as well as the assembled model in places with the increased humidity such as the bathroom or outdoor, could cause the swelling and distortion of the models’ parts.
  • The rapid change in the temperatures, exposure to extreme cold is also harmful to the models. We recommend keeping your models away from the heat sources such as fireplaces to prevent the wood from developing cracks.
  • Make sure your models are not exposed to termites, fungi and other wood parasites by keeping them indoors and away from dark, damp spaces.
  • Keep your models away from the direct sunlight as it can cause damage to the wood.
  • Limit your models’ exposure to vibration and avoid frequent moving;  the models are best kept in still conditions.

So, the ideal place for the storage of UGears models can be a tabletop,  desk or a shelf in a room with adequate ventilation and moderate temperatures. We recommend a closed from direct sun display that is far away from direct sun and heat sources.

How to store UGears 3-d models? - UGears USA 1

Additional tips

All UGears models are designed with self-propelled elements inside that provide the models’ movement. However, if you intend them as collectible items, you may consider not using the motion features. Protect the wooden parts and preserve them for years to come by applying wood sealant or lacquer on them. Keep in mind, this can only be done if you have decided not to use the self-motion feature of the models.

Follow this advice to extend the life of your UGears models and enjoy them for years to come! But don’t forget to check back with UGears website for the new sets and models, some of which are already available for orders now!