How Additions makes playing with UGEARS Trucks more exciting?

UGears Mechanical Wooden Model 3D Puzzle Kit Additions To Truck

Many of you have already met the new UGEARS edition of this spring, UMG-11 Truck. This realistically looking model is an exact replica of a 1920-s vintage truck on a flexible suspension. Like all of UGEARS 3-d puzzles, the UMG-11 is a self-propelled model that produces real motion. Powered by a set four-cylinder rubber band motor with moving pistons and a real shifting transmission, the UMG-11 runs forward and backwards, and is capable to go up and down an arched bridge. The raw, open exterior of the UMG-11 was deliberately designed to enhance the resemblance to the iconic 1920’s vintage trucks.

But, this is not all the fun and excitement you can get from playing with your UGEARS UMG-11 Truck!


How Additions makes playing with UGEARS Trucks more exciting? - UGears USA 1

Introducing UGEARS Additions To Truck, a set of enhancements designed for UMG-11 Truck. This set features three main functioning elements that could be added to the Truck. The first set is the Trailer Chassis with a coupler and a landing gear to provide stability to the trailer when detached. The Trailer can be installed onto the Truck’s removable flat bad or hooked up behind it. The second set is the Tanker. This addition to the UMG-11 Truck looks super realistic and can fit in loads such as standard 8oz. soda can. The sides of the Tanker open with the twist of the small knob located on top of the tank to allow the load to be placed inside or taken out. The next addition is the extendable Fire Ladder with a real crane hook at its end. The Ladder is equipped with slewing platform that allows it to turn right and left, extend out and fold back in. All three of the Tuck Additions are designed specifically to work with the UMG-11 Truck and are guaranteed to make playing with the Truck much more fun and exciting.

You can order UMG-11 Truck Additions on UGEARS website now!