Happy Independence Day with UGears!

Happy Independence Day with UGears! - UGears USA 1

The fight

It has not been easy for us as a nation. Starting from the Boston Tea Party and finishing with Britain acknowledging the end of their dominion over our land and people, it has been a struggle which cost a lot. We paid a heavy price in the fiery crucible of warfare, but eventually the chains which held us were broken down and the backbone of the nation was forged, paving the way for us to become the power we are today.

Happy Independence Day with UGears! - UGears USA 2

The outcome

Like that symbol of our independence once presented to us by the French, the Statue of Liberty, we hold the fire of freedom, enlightening our lives and giving hope to the nations struggling against the tyranny of others. Every country deserves to make their own choices and pave their way in this world, just like we have. Freedom and patriotism are not mere words to us. It is a motto we live by, our philosophy, our vision and guiding star.

Happy Independence Day with UGears! - UGears USA 3

Ugears ‘Roadster VM-01’

Freedom has many faces, one of the most cherished American freedoms being the freedom of movement. Ever since the early days of our nation and the pioneers who fearlessly explored the vast expanse of the continent, the passion for discovery runs in our very genes. The advance of technology and mechanics put a car into almost every home, making it our companion both on short family outings and long interstate journeys, full of excitement and fun. The ‘Roadster VM-01’ mechanical model from the ugearsmodels.us range embodies this spirit best, so it is fitting that we are using its image on this special day!

Happy Independence Day! May there be lightness and freedom in our lives, today and always!