Get in the spring mood with UGears


With spring in full bloom, we are happy to brighten up all the UGears 3D puzzles fans with this season’s new releases that ready for order.

Make an unforgettable gift this spring!

In spring, we are starting to spend more and more time outdoors taking in all the aromas and beauty of nature everywhere around. And with one of our new sets, you will be able to go to the nearest park and launch a real plane! Model UGears Flight Starter is a launcher for a small glider, which due to a balanced weight and excellent aerodynamics can fly up to 100 feet! Once you are at a perfect location, simply cock the rubber drive and pull the hook.

Get in the spring mood with UGears - UGears USA 1

New spring arrivals

The beginning of spring has always been associated with new beginnings, and we decided to please our fans with a variety of new items. Note the new 3D sets, such Wheel-Organizer and The Dream Cabriolet VM-05. This car will charm you with its stunning detail. Opening doors and hood, folding seat backs, and even a fully functional tire jack in the trunk – all this makes this set look real. Just wind up the rubber engine, and this car is ready to rush towards new discoveries.

The Dream Cabriolet VM-05 designers have done their best to add the smallest details to this spectacular item. You will be surprised at how easily you can set the windshield wipers in motion, or open the glove compartment, while under the hood you will see a fully functional engine with a rotating radiator fan and pistons. You can control the Dream Cabriolet VM-05 with the steering wheel just like any real car. The set even comes with a miniature tool case.

Get in the spring mood with UGears - UGears USA 2

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