Discover a whole new world of 3-D puzzles with UGEARS!


We are the place where good old mechanics meet puzzles, creating the most mesmerizing products – UGEARS’s self-propelled mechanical wooden toy vehicles kits!

Established in 2014 in Kiev, Ukraine by its founders, Denis and Gennady, UGEARS offers a unique journey into a magic world of tiny moving mechanisms.

It all started with Denis’s  childhood fascination of the genuine sophistication of real-life mechanics that brought him an idea of creating a tiny real-life vehicle model.  It took him almost two years of trial and error experiments, with various materials, before his first-born model was created. During this course of action, new approaches were discovered and new technical ideas launched, that later became licensed products and are currently used by UGEARs in building 3-D wooden puzzles.

Discover a whole new world of 3-D puzzles with UGEARS! - UGears USA 1

The production of the 3-D toy vehicle model kits was launched in 2014 in suburbs of Kiev, Ukraine. Today, UGEARS is a team of 65 people who are united by a passion for mechanical wooden toy vehicles and a firm conviction that work is fun!

The final product:  Over 10 carefully crafted and exclusively designed, assemble wooden puzzle model kits ready to be presented to our potential consumers. It was our firm conviction that our wooden toy vehicles; such as “Steam Locomotive’, “Tractor”, “Timer”, “Dynamometer”, “Trailer”, “Tram” and others, featuring our own patented plywood design and assembly simplicity and does not require use of any special tools or glue, will satisfy even the most critical minds. Our products won the hearts of many people throughout Europe, becoming vastly popular among families and individuals.

Discover a whole new world of 3-D puzzles with UGEARS! - UGears USA 2

In 2015, UGEARS product campaign at KICKSTARTERS, produced  an outstanding outcome, exceeding our originally set goal by 20 times. This has become a culmination point for UGEARS’s future.

In the USA, UGEARS is officially represented by Ukrainian Bridge LLC.  In launching a campaign at Kickstarter and presenting our unique wooden gifts to US consumers, we were delighted to discover that we have a generous amount of fans of our products in 35 different countries in all five continents.

After a great initial UGEARS performance KICKSTARTER, Ukrainian Bridge LLC was announced the UGEARS the company officials in the United States.
With our products entering the  US consumer’s market we were pleased to discover to ourselves, several aspects that are quite unique and significant. We learned that Americans, in general believe in great intellectual and psychological benefits of puzzles activities for all ages and are very big fans of thereof.
As for any type of puzzles, working with our assemble models contributes to memory and attention enhancement, acceleration ingenuity and logical work out.
However, our models are not just puzzles. They are modular mechanical toys in which everything is real. Crafted from sturdy and high quality materials and with significant precision of parts, requiring no special tools or glue for assembly, our 3-d wooden mechanisms make unique gifts that are appreciated by families and people of all ages. They literally unite generations and bring back the good old-fashioned fun of hand crafting.
These discoveries motivated us even further to expand our operations within USA market, where we found grateful and loyal supporter in the face of our customers.
Our production line is fully established with a little over 14 currently featuring models and we  have a list of ideas that consists of over 100 new future concepts. We have an 8-years experience in domestic and international shipping and trained customer service team.
Our unique wooden gifts became known and won the hearts of families and individuals in 70 countries worldwide.
Give yourselves a gift of joy and excitement experiencing UGEARS self assembly wooden kits and help us spread the word!

Discover a whole new world of 3-D puzzles with UGEARS! - UGears USA 3