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Freedom sign

Motorcycles always remind us of Freedom. They remind us of the freedom to choose the path for your journey. They remind the freedom to feel the wind of change on your face when you follow your heart’s call to new adventures. Our bike models were created by UGears in Ukraine. And Ukraine is a country that for many years wanted to remove the handcuffs of the Soviet past. This country wanted to become independent from the world’s main terrorist russia. Today we want to talk about two main attributes of Freedom in Ugears. They are Scrambler with a sidecar and a Bike.

Ugears Bikes

Best friend in a journey

Travel is an integral part of modern life. On trips, we find new experiences, learn and develop. And if we don’t have the opportunity to go hundreds of kilometers today, UGEARS offers us to feel the spirit of traveling without leaving home with the fast and reliable vintage Scrambler UGR-10 motorcycle with a sidecar. The design of the model is based on the so-called “dual-purpose motorcycle” – a multifunctional type of bike that can be used for movement both on asphalt tracks and on rough terrain.

Ugears Bikes

Get rid of boredom

Is the routine driving you crazy? Drop it now! The spirit of the road and adventure is calling you. Elegant and powerful, your new Bike embodies the spirit of the road. The combination of high-tech design and ecological materials makes this model a desirable gift for friends or colleagues. Thanks to the detailed realistic design, the motorcycle will be a great addition to any interior.

Ugears Bikes

Choose your own

Time to open the garage and start assembling your own “iron” horse. All elements of the motorcycles are made of sustainable wood and are assembled without glue, screws, or any additional tools. All you need is a comfortable, well-lit work surface and your imagination! Happy reading and exciting journeys with the Scrambler and Bike from Ugears!

Support Ukraine

Today is 178th day of the war in Ukraine. And today one of the biggest cities in Ukraine has a mourning day. Every day russia bombs Ukrainian cities. And every day it bombs Kharkiv. Last night was one of the most tragic for the Kharkiv region during the entire war. During the night, the russians launched massive rocket attacks on Kharkiv. Peaceful sleeping areas with civilians were again under the blow of russia. Now we know that 21 people were killed and more than 40 people were injured.


Unfortunately, these numbers can be bigger in reality. Ukraine needs your support. Support them now.

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