Amazing news! Ugears 3-D puzzles are coming to sale at Disney stores!

Ugears company is happy to announce that Ugears mechanical model kits are coming to sale at Disney stores beginning November 2018. Ugears have finalized signing the retail contract agreement with Disney for the newest Ugears models to be sold at Disney stores. These models were designed and developed in collaboration with the team representing this well-known media tycoon. The production of four out of five mentioned models have been already approved and the manufacturing process has begun. But the most exciting news yet is that Ugears 3-D mechanical model kits will be produced under two logos – Ugears and Disney – all in one package!

Ugears mechanical model sets are expected to come on sale at more than 700 Disney retail stores throughout the US! An astonishing achievement and a result of hard and dedicated work, during which Ugears company had to meet over 400 various qualifications criteria required in the order to qualify for business partnership.

We don’t want to spoil a surprise and reveal these newest models to our fans yet. Instead, we would like to bring your attention to these summer special edition models, that are currently available for pre-orders on Ugears website. Place your order today, and become one of the first to own Ugears new 3-D puzzles, well-known for their realistic design, fine details and, most importantly, complex, self-propelled mechanisms that allow models to produce real motion.

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Here are some of Ugears new models available for sale now: UGEARS HEAVY BOY TRUCK VM-03, UGEARS HEAVY BOY TRUCK VM-03 TRAILER, UGEARS BIKE VM-02, and UGEARS ROADSTER VM-01. You can check our catalog for more information about these models and place an order on our website today!